Hannah Scholle

Floral Wrap Dress Outfit

Hannah Scholle
Floral Wrap Dress Outfit

With the warmer weather comes cute sun dresses and I was so excited to break this floral number out this week!

The wrap dress trend is in full force this Spring and I'm hopping on board. It always creates a flattering shape and adds a classic style element to dresses or tops.

This dress has a sweet print that seems to be the perfect mixture of Western, Hawaiian and Asian florals. The neckline is embellished with a subtle ruffle and the waist is accentuated with a band tied in a bow.

It is crazy hot here in Nebraska compared to Washington, so I just threw my hair up in a ponytail.

I paired this dress with these new yellow wedges! They are so so comfy and I love them! The color is unique and striking, but I feel like it can still be styled like a nuetral.

My cream sea shell earrings are a pretty addition too. The are natural, modern and match beautifully with this dress.

I love this phone case! It was only a few dollars on wish, but it's adorable, sturdy and versatile. It blends in well with the floral theme.

And finally, my blue mirrored sunnies add some stylish flare and protect me from this crazy thing they have here in the Midwest. I believe they call it sunshine. Just kidding! But no, I love these sunnies with this dress. They really bring out the blue tones in the leaves.

This dress was an absolute dream for this very warm weather. It's so comfy, cute and cool.

I used to not wear wrap dresses because I thought I wouldn't like the deep v-neck style, but this dress just proves to me once again, that I should always try new things in my wardrobe. I am usually pleasantly surprised.

What is a trend or style you didn't think you liked and then ended up loving? I'd love to hear about it! Start the conversation in the comments!

This dress and shoes are from Ross, who unfortunately doesn't sell online, but you may be able to find the very same items at your local store!

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