Hannah Scholle

Daffodil Fields | Outfit of the Day | Spring Style Inspiration

Hannah Scholle
Daffodil Fields | Outfit of the Day | Spring Style Inspiration

Every year, before the Tulips begin at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, the fields of daffodils have their week of glory.

This was my first year seeing the daffodils in all their sunny splendor, as we usually plan our trips around the blooming season of the tulips.


It was an earily beautiful Spring day with spots of sunshine here and there, and dark storm clouds looming along the horizon.


I absolutely love the way that the bright yellow blooms contrasted with the deep blue skies.

The stormy weather made taking outfit photos pretty interesting. But I always love the artistic look of windy hair shots, so it worked out.

My outfit for the day was cute and Springy with a feminine touch, but also totally adventure-appropriate.
I'm wearing a white lace blouse with peplum ruffles. This blouse is a favorite of mine because it seems to transition so well from a hip-teen look into something more classic and feminine.

I love the exposed lace back and really took advantage of it by wearing my blue lace bralette underneath. This blue color looks so lovely with the daffodils and the way it peeks out at the shoulders is so cute!

It was a tad chilly, so I also wore my chambre button up shirt.

When the sun peeked out, I tied it around my waist and loved the way that looked with the ruffles.

On the bottom, I wore my black skinny jeans from Forever 21. I am absolutely crazy about the fit of these jeans, so I probably wear them too much. But I thought they were cute and added some nice contrast to this look.

We have had record amounts of rain this Spring, so I knew that the fields would be super muddy. These boots never fail me when it comes to looking cute in dirty situations. The socks also reflect the idea of a vintage feminine adventurer and I like the way the lace theme continues through to my feet.

I also accessorized the look with some stack-able bracelets. The pearls pick up on the classic-femanine look while the silver chains and charms bring in that young-modern feel.

The daffodil fields were an incredible experience and I'm so glad that we found the time to go.

What festivals or sites have you enjoyed seeing this Spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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