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Biggest Burger of My Life | Visiting Fat Smitty's in Sequim, WA

Hannah ScholleComment
Biggest Burger of My Life | Visiting Fat Smitty's in Sequim, WA

Fat Smitty's is the kind of place where you walk in and instantly know the food is going to be great. One of those excentric, hole-in-the-wall, needs to remodel kind of places where you know all the locals go.

The first thing you notice as you walk through the door is that every inch of the ceiling is covered in money. Our waitress informed us that every dollar on the ceiling is original, they've never removed a single bill and just keep tacking them up there, some in streamers or scallops. However, all the dollars on the walls are taken down periodically and donated to local charities.

I loved looking up into the vintage light fixtrues nestled into the money above.

Now on to the delicious part! We ordered milkshakes; one chocolate and one blackberry. They make their own blackberry syrup at the resturant for the perfect Northwest flare. Both shakes were deliciously creamy!

Our Fat Smitty's Burgers were the star of this show. Despite the very accurate statue in front of the building, we were still speechless when our food was set before us. It is a massive burger! So large that it even came with specific instructions on how to eat it. The waitress told us to smoosh with all our might, pick it up, (attempt to) take a bite and then never put it down until we were done.

I tried to eat my burger correctly, but after several failed attempts I ended up taking out the middle bun and a bunch of the other innards. Only then was I actually able to fit it in my mouth!

The burger was delicious and all the ingredients were fresh. I especially loved their bacon and how thick the burger patties were. They definately didn't skimp on anything!

At the end they even give you a tootsie pop!

I would totally recommend Fat Smitty's to anyone driving by on Hwy 101! It's a fun little place, family friendly with great food! I would not recommend trying to eat an entire Fat Smitty's burger all by yourself. Bring a friend to split with and the two of you just might be able to finish the entire thing!

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Thanks so much for reading! I'd love to know more resturants and places to try out. Do you have a favorite Northwest restaurant or burger joint? Leave your recommendations below in a comment!