Unicorn Frappuccino | Magical Spring Style

As soon as Tyler told me that there was a unicorn frappuccino being sold at Starbucks, I was basically out the door. I threw on an outfit to match and viola!

So what is the unicorn frappuccino, exactly? I was slightly disappointed to find that it does not have a magical horn. So no wishes for 10K on Instagram for me. However it is topped with Starbuck's fresh whipped cream, which is pretty much just as magical.

The main ingredient of this fantasy beverage is a mango cream blend. It's not orange as you would think, though. They actually use natural coloring to turn it into a vibrant pink. And though mango creme does sound delicious on it's own, to capture the spirit of a unicorn, there also needs to be a spark of flavor unexpected. This is achieved by tart fairy dust in blue and pink both mixed into the beverage and sprinkled on top. Sweet, creamy and tart all mix together to form the body of this unbelievable drink.

For a little extra decor, there is a drizzle around the cup of blue white chocolate mocha syrup too. More sweet and more color poppin' goodness!

This is also where the magic of the "color changing" frappuccino comes in, Simply stir the drink together to reveal a rich purple color!

Top it off with that classic green straw we love so much and you're good to sip 'n smile!

Will you like it? That totally depends... If you pride yourself on being a coffee connoisseur and go to Starbucks for their rich and sophisticated beverages, chances are, you won't like the unicorn frappuccino. However, if you love consuming cake, candy and all things happy. This is totally the drink for you!

My honest review of the drink is that I love it, but it's definitely not what I've come to expect from a typical Starbucks drink. I only taste a little bit of the mango and the main flavor is berry. But it's hard to say which berry. I taste all of them: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, ect. I was a little concerned that the fairy dust would overpower the drink, since the website describes it as "sour", but I do believe that tart is a better description and it easily passes as a sweet-tart candy flavor or simply not fully ripened berries. All the flavors blend together so well into one magical work of art.

On to the outfit!

You guys know me! I love any excuse to dress up matching something, no matter what the random occasion may be. So here's my best stab at a magical unicorn outfit!

I'm wearing this lovely tulle blouse in mint green from H&M. This color is so delicate and the ruffles add some feminine charm. I also love that it's a peplum, so my waist is not completely lost.

I've paired it with my plain white skinny jeans from Forever21 and my knit oatmeal blazer by zara.

On my feet, I'm wearing some simple nude heals.

I painted my nails in a mint green polish and used a Opalescent top coat to frost them.

For accessories I'm wearing my new floral purse from target. I love that this purse has so many colors from both the outfit and the frappuccino!

I finished off the look with a rosette crown and earrings reminiscent of a Spring Princess.

I know it doesn't necessarily match my frappuccino, but I do feel like the whole thing looks rather magical!

Have you tried the new frappuccino yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!