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Thor's Well Beach | Oregon Coast

Hannah ScholleComment
Thor's Well Beach | Oregon Coast

We took a quick road trip from the Washington Penninsula down to Southern California! 

We didn't have enough time to stop at even half of the gorgeous spots we wanted to see along the way, but there were a few beautiful sites that we were able to stop and drink in. 

The first was Thor's Well on the Oregon Coast.


This sea-rock chasm is shaped in just the right way to make the ocean waves explode out in an incredible show. The experience of just standing there and watching it seems similar to that of watching fireworks. The excitement, the exclamations and the incredible beauty. 

It's fun to watch the waves roll in and try to predict which ones will give the biggest splash. 

We were there as the tide was going out, so we were able to go right up to the edge without even getting wet. 

It's an incredible site that I would deffinetely suggest to anyone exploring the Oregon Coast or just passing by. 

To visit Thor's Well you'll want to park at the Sprouting Horn pull off along the Oregon Coast Highway 101. We just plugged "Thor's Well" into Apple Maps and it took us right to where we needed to be! (I know, right?! When does that happen?) 

At the North end of the pull out, you'll see a paved trail dipping down into the trees. This trail winds down to an observation area where you can see Thor's Well as well as the Sprouting Horn, rocky cliffs and splashing waves. The trail continues down to some stairs leading to the "beach", which is really made up of sandy rock formations and fascinating tide pools. From there, make your way out towards the ocean and a little right until you find the Well at the edge of the sea. 

Please be careful if you decide to go out on the rocks. Some places are very slippery, others are sharp and near the well or the edges, there is always the risk of unexpectedly large and strong waves. Please use extreme caution and play safe!

To experience Thor's Well right now, just watch the vlog! (Thor's Well segment begins at 2:26 and the scenic shots start at 3:18).

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