Magic Travel Look | Outfit of the Day

Magic Travel Look | Outfit of the Day

This is the look I wore for the first day of our road trip down the West Coast. I wanted to be comfy and presentable, so I opted for a simple jeans 'n tee ensemble.

My shirt is one of my favorites from I love the wide neck and rolled sleeves as well as the graphic on the front. "Making Magic Happen" is a saying that is both cutesy and motivating. It reminds me to do, create and accomplish... naturally lazy girl that I am, it's good to have reminders like this. Whatever your magic is, get out there and make it happen!

In keeping with the "magic" theme, I wore my "viola!" necklace. Again, a cutesy saying. I love how this necklace is pretty and delicate, but also fun. 

I usually tuck unfitted tees into a belt in the front to add a bit of shape, and this outfit was no different. I found this belt in my closet last week when I was cleaning and I have no idea where it came from... but it fits great!

I'm also wearing my VS Pink zip up hoodie. This sweatshirt has a lot of unique elements with Hawaiian floral and sequins, but it somehow all ties together into a beautiful design. This is one of those pieces that I drooled over in the store until it went on sale and I couldn't help myself anymore. I'm so glad I got it. Pink always makes the most comfy sweatshirts and I love how it looks. 

My jeans are just my usual skinnies from Forever 21 and I finished the look off with my slip on black converse. 

This outfit was great for the road trip and for exploring around the Oregon coast. I did get drenched at Thore's Well, but it was totally worth it and absolutely beautiful. If you want to see more about the adventures of the day, you can check that out here

What do you guys like to wear for road trips? I'd love to hear your own practical fashion tips in the comments below!